Financial Markets and Products

1. Banks
2. Insurance Companies and Pension Plans
3. Fund Management
4. Introduction to Derivatives
5. Exchanges and OTC Markets
6. Central Clearing
7. Futures Markets
8. Using Futures for Hedging
9. Foreign Exchange Markets
10. Pricing Financial Forwards and Futures
11. Commodity Forwards and Futures
12. Options Markets
13. Properties of Options
14. Trading Strategies
15. Exotic Options
16. Properties of Interest Rates
7. Corporate Bonds (Available for AnalystPrep Premium Users; Click Here)
Mortgages and Mortgage-backed Securities (Available for AnalystPrep Premium Users; Click Here)
Interest Rate Futures (Available for AnalystPrep Premium Users; Click Here)
20. SWAPS (Available for AnalystPrep Premium Users; Click Here)

Daniel Glyn
Daniel Glyn
I have finished my FRM1 thanks to AnalystPrep. And now using AnalystPrep for my FRM2 preparation. Professor Forjan is brilliant. He gives such good explanations and analogies. And more than anything makes learning fun. A big thank you to Analystprep and Professor Forjan. 5 stars all the way!
michael walshe
michael walshe
Professor James' videos are excellent for understanding the underlying theories behind financial engineering / financial analysis. The AnalystPrep videos were better than any of the others that I searched through on YouTube for providing a clear explanation of some concepts, such as Portfolio theory, CAPM, and Arbitrage Pricing theory. Watching these cleared up many of the unclarities I had in my head. Highly recommended.
Nyka Smith
Nyka Smith
Every concept is very well explained by Nilay Arun. kudos to you man!
Badr Moubile
Badr Moubile
Very helpfull!
Agustin Olcese
Agustin Olcese
Excellent explantions, very clear!
Jaak Jay
Jaak Jay
Awesome content, kudos to Prof.James Frojan
sindhushree reddy
sindhushree reddy
Crisp and short ppt of Frm chapters and great explanation with examples.

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