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Our FRM Question Bank contains more than 3,000 free exam-style questions.

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The exam is broken down into two parts. Each section is paper based, and both take approximately four hours to complete. Deciding on an appropriate date that you will believe you will feel prepared to take the exam is important in guaranteeing success.

Taking adequate measures to be able to study for the FRM exam efficiently is essential in assuring success when test day approaches. On average, a candidate that is well prepared for the test will take around 300 hours preparing for each part of the FRM exam. This is especially true if you come from a non-finance background.

The Practice you Need

AnalystPrep provides you with a comprehensive question bank that is tailored to the FRM exam, designed to teach you all the essentials of the stressed topics that will make up the curriculum of the test.

This can be achieved in a fraction of the time it would take to comprehend an entire textbook and is laid out you in an easy to follow format that was designed by professionals in the field who hold the certificate bestowed by completing the exam.

Track your Performance

By using Analyst Prep’s in-depth performance statistics, you will gain the ability to keep tabs on your progress and comprehension of the topics required to emerge successful in the FRM exams. You can see your scores per chapter studied and be alerted on your strong and weak points, so you will be able to determine what you can move on from, and what sections you need to spend some extra time.

In addition, you can view charts and graphs that will give you relevant statistics on performance and time management, which is an important aspect to consider because of the exam demanding so much time to prepare for.

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