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AnalystPrep's FRM part 1 study notes summarize each chapter of the GARP Books with question examples to facilitate the assimilation of the hardest risk management concepts.

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AnalystPrep's FRM Part I exam-style question banks only include high-quality questions that replicate the difficulty of the exam you’re studying for.

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Challenge yourself with our PDF FRM Part 1 practice exams designed to mimic what you are going to face at the end of your marathon.

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AnalystPrep's Study Materials for the FRM Part 1 Exam

Each FRM preparation package comes with an FRM part 1 question bank that contains over 1,250 practice questions tailored to teach you all of the rudimentary aspects of financial risk management. To succeed, you will need to solve numerous quantitative practice questions on subjects such as the Hypothesis Testing and the Black-Scholes-Merton model to ensure you are able to do the necessary calculation when comes exam time.

You can also create an unlimited number of quizzes to test your understanding of one or more books at the same time.

Moreover, FRM part 1 mock exams that replicate the level of difficulty of the actual exam are included in each FRM package. These mock exams will give you the ability to test yourself using the same weights as given by GARP.

To be sure you are prepared for every non-quantitative concept, read AnalystPrep’s FRM part 1 books summaries. These study notes come at an extra cost of $30 but will speed up the learning process so you can focus on the important aspect of your preparation – practice questions.


Study Materials Content

The first part of the exam is broken down into four different general topics, and are all assigned different percentages that factor into your overall grade:

Foundations of Risk Management (20%)
Quantitative Analysis (20%)
Financial Markets and Products (30%)
Valuation and Risk Models (30%)

Part 1 of the FRM exam will challenge you on 100 multiple choice questions and is always offered in the morning of either of the two available dates. Pass rates for the first part of the exam average around 50%.

There are several key terms that should be emphasized throughout your study plan for part 1 of the exam:

Modern Portfolio Theory (MPT)
Arbitrage Pricing Theory – APT
Monte Carlo Simulation
Value at Risk – VaR
Black-Scholes Model
Generalized AutoRegressive Conditional Heteroskedasticity (GARCH) Process
Delta Hedging

These terms, theories, and processes will be the most prevalent topics you will come across while taking the test. AnalystPrep’s FRM part 1 question bank makes sure that you are familiar with their definition, that you can break down the concepts, that you can retain any equations related to the topic to memorize, and that you are able to give the right examples.


Our FRM preparation packages start as low as $99. Add stud notes summarizing each chapter for only $20.

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