Practice is the Key to Success

Each of our FRM part II mock exams has been painstakingly designed to be a notch higher in difficulty than the real exam. All our exams are developed through a rigorous process by certified, practicing FRMs. If you score well in our mock exams, you are well poised to succeed in the real exam.

Time yourself – The clock moves fast during the real exam
Only look at solutions after you have finished the paper
Start early to give yourself ample time for revision
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Why Do You Need Mock Exams?

Candidates who practice using mock exams have been found to perform better on the final exam compared to those who only revise. We recommend using our FRM part II mock exams to help you practice under simulated actual exam conditions. Not only will you familiarize yourself with the exam structure and your performance under pressure, you’ll single out the topics that need extra attention. Our mock exams give you a bird’s eye view of the curriculum, thus helping you to approach the exam in the eyes of the examiner.

Our FRM part II mock exams are designed to conform to GARP’s current testing formula and level of difficulty. For a nominal price, our paid packages include up to 8 mock exams in PDFs which you can download and print. Each FRM part II practice exam contains 80 questions, equivalent to one session of the actual exam.

For best results, start practicing with our FRM part II mock exams early to give yourself enough time to work on your weaknesses and improve your performance.


Our FRM® packages start as low as $99 with a one exam Premium package. Add unlimited ask-a-tutor questions for only $30.

Combine FRM Part I and FRM Part II and get a 25% discount ($149). You can also add unlimited ask-a-tutor questions for $30.

All packages come with a lifetime duration and unlimited curriculum updates. NEVER pay twice for the same product!

One exam
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  • Extensive Study Notes
  • 1,500 Practice Questions
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When is the Best Time to Sit a Mock Exam?

While taking a mock exam early during your prep can give you a concrete idea about the exam, we always encourage candidates to sit mock exams 4-8 weeks before the live exam. The aim is to boost your confidence while still giving yourself enough time to revisit areas in which you do not score well.

AnalystPrep is an authorized training provider with the Global Association of Risk Professionals. Our FRM part I mock exams reflect the most recent curriculum as prescribed by the GARP®. Click here to see our listing on the GARP® Website.


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