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AnalystPrep's Study Materials for the FRM Part II Exam

Each FRM part 2 preparation package comes with access to our Question Bank that contains over 1,500 hard practice questions to teach you all of the complicated aspects of risk management. To succeed in each area – market risk, credit risk, operational risk, and risk management in investment management – you will need to utilize a multitude of formulas to solve complicated risk management problems.

With AnalystPrep’s FRM Platform, you can also create an unlimited number of Quizzes to test your comprehension of one or more areas of risk management simultaneously.

Finally, use our FRM Part II mock exams to test yourself in exam conditions and see if you can call back all of the relevant formulas for each topic. These practice tests – approved by the Global Association of Risk Professionals (GARP) – include 10% of questions on current issues in financial markets, just like in the actual FRM part II exam.

To make sure you understand all difficult financial concepts, read AnalystPrep’s FRM part 2 study notes. For a minimal extra cost of $30, these will quicken the assimilation of information so you can focus on the critical facet of your preparation – solving FRM part 2 practice questions.


FRM Part II Content

The FRM part II exam is broken down into five different general themes, and are all assigned different percentages that factor into your overall grade:

Market Risk Measurement and Management (25%)
Credit Risk Measurement and Management (25%)
Operational and Integrated Risk Management (25%)
Risk Management in Investment Management (15%)
Current Issues in Financial Markets (10%)

Part 2 of the FRM exams will challenge you on 80 multiple choice questions and is offered at two available dates – in November and in April. Pass rates for the FRM part 2 exam average around 50%, but keep in mind that half of the candidates have already failed part 1.

There are several key topics that should be emphasized throughout your study plan for FRM2. They include:

VaR Mapping
Volatility Smiles
Spread Risk and Default Intensity Models
Netting, Compression, Resets, and Termination Features
Stress Testing Banks
Basel II.5, Basel III, and Other Post-Crisis Changes
Alpha (and the Low-Risk Anomaly)
Performing Due Diligence on Specific Managers and Funds
Current Issues in Financial Markets

In the exam, you have to understand the basics behind these theories, but also apply complex mathematical formulas to solve questions that are much more lengthy than in part 1. From candidates experience, the only way to get through is to practice, practice, and practice…


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