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Preparing for the CFA ESG Exam? Embark on your journey with AnalystPrep’s specialized study notes, meticulously crafted to align with the unique demands of ESG-focused financial analysis!

The CFA ESG course delves deeply into the principles of Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) investing. As set by the CFA Institute, this curriculum covers a wide array of topics, including sustainable investing strategies, ESG integration in investment analysis, and the impact of ESG factors on long-term risk and return. Grasping the nuances of these subjects is critical for excelling in the exam.

Our ESG-specific study notes are expertly structured to distill the extensive, ESG-focused curriculum into a more accessible format. We emphasize critical ESG concepts, emerging trends in sustainable investing, and the practical application of ESG criteria in investment decision-making. Our resources are designed to boost comprehension and retention, aiding you in navigating the intricate aspects of ESG investing with confidence.

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Why Candidates Love AnalystPrep's Study Notes the CFA ESG Exam

Navigating the intricate world of the CFA ESG exam is made more approachable with AnalystPrep’s specialized ESG Study Notes, crafted by experts with deep knowledge in ESG principles and sustainable finance. Our materials are tailored to demystify the complex ESG concepts covered in the exam, fostering a more efficient and impactful study process.

Our ESG study notes are the epitome of clarity and relevance, offering concise summaries of each chapter from the latest CFA ESG Program curriculum. We emphasize the most crucial information, presenting it in a straightforward and accessible manner. The focus is on distilling the core principles of ESG investing, ensuring you understand the key concepts without getting overwhelmed by unnecessary details.

The journey through ESG topics is enriched with practical insights and strategies, thoughtfully integrated to help you comprehend and apply ESG criteria more effectively. Our end-of-chapter questions, tailored to ESG learning outcomes, are essential for testing your understanding and solidifying your knowledge.

What truly distinguishes our ESG study notes is the personalized support provided. Our dedicated instructors, experts in ESG and sustainable finance, are always ready to offer additional guidance and clarification, ensuring you have all the support you need in your learning journey.

Opt for AnalystPrep’s ESG Study Notes for your CFA ESG exam preparation. It’s about studying not just harder, but smarter and more strategically, with a focus on the future of sustainable finance.

This isn't a Sprint

The journey to conquering the CFA ESG exam is akin to running a marathon. We at AnalystPrep understand the intensity and endurance required for this challenge and are committed to helping you cross the finish line with confidence.

AnalystPrep's Study Notes and Video Lectures

Embark on your CFA ESG exam preparation journey with AnalystPrep's carefully crafted ESG study notes, uniquely designed to simplify and elucidate the complex concepts of sustainable investing and ESG analysis. These notes are specifically developed to align with the ESG-focused curriculum, making the intricate topics of environmental, social, and governance factors in investment manageable and comprehensible.

Complementing our study notes are our comprehensive video lessons, meticulously produced to cover each ESG topic in depth. These lessons are tailored to bolster your understanding through both visual and auditory learning methods. This multifaceted approach is crucial for grasping the challenging material of the CFA ESG exam, encompassing various aspects of sustainable and responsible investing, ESG risk assessment, and the integration of ESG factors into investment analysis.

Our video lessons are not just informative; they are engaging and interactive, designed to keep you absorbed in the learning process. By combining these lessons with our ESG study notes, you receive a holistic learning experience that enhances your ability to understand and apply ESG principles in real-world financial scenarios.

Choose AnalystPrep for a comprehensive, effective, and engaging CFA ESG exam preparation experience. With our resources, you're not just preparing for an exam; you're building a foundation for a career in the evolving field of sustainable finance.

AnalystPrep's Question Banks and Mock Exams

And there's more to enhance your CFA ESG exam readiness. We provide an extensive question bank, meticulously developed to emulate the style and complexity of actual CFA ESG exam questions. Adhering to the principle that practice is key to perfection, our question bank offers abundant opportunities for you to assess and fine-tune your understanding of ESG concepts.

To complete your preparation, we offer mock exams designed to simulate the real ESG exam experience. These mock tests are accurately structured to reflect the format and time constraints you will face in the actual CFA ESG exam. This realistic practice environment is invaluable for sharpening your test-taking skills and building the confidence needed for exam day.

By integrating these elements — detailed study notes, comprehensive video lessons, a robust question bank, and realistic mock exams — your preparation for the CFA ESG exam becomes a thorough, confidence-building journey. With AnalystPrep, you're not just preparing for an exam; you're equipping yourself with the knowledge and skills essential for a career in sustainable finance and ESG investing.

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An Example from our Study Notes


1.1.2. define the following sustainability-based concepts in terms of their strengths and limitations: corporate social responsibility and triple bottom line (TBL) accounting

Corporate Social Responsibility and Triple Bottom Line (TBL) Accounting

ESG Investing: An approach to managing assets where investors explicitly incorporate environmental, social, and governance factors into their investment decisions with the long-term return of an investment portfolio in mind. ESG investing is part of a group of approaches collectively referred to as responsible investing.

Responsible Investment: An umbrella term for the various ways in which investors can consider ESG factors within security selection and portfolio construction. As such, it may combine financial and non-financial outcomes and complements traditional financial analysis and portfolio construction techniques.

Socially Responsible Investment (SRI): Refers to approaches that apply social and environmental criteria in evaluating companies. Investors implementing SRI generally score companies using a chosen set of criteria, usually in conjunction with sector-specific weightings.

Best-in-class Investment (also known as “positive screening”) involves selecting only the companies that overcome a defined ranking hurdle, established using ESG criteria within each sector or industry.

  • Typically, companies are scored on a variety of factors that are weighted according to the sector.
  • The portfolio is then assembled from the list of qualified companies.

Bear in mind, though, that not all best-in-class funds are considered “responsible investments.” Due to its all-sector approach, best-in-class investment is commonly used in investment strategies that try to maintain certain characteristics of an index. In these cases, security selection seeks to maintain regional and sectorial diversification along with a similar profile to the parent market-cap index while targeting companies with higher ESG ratings. The tracking error for MSCI World SRI, which is designed to represent the performance of companies with high ESG ratings and employs a best-in-class selection approach to target the top 25% companies in each sector, is only 1.79%.

Sustainable investment refers to the selection of assets that contribute in some way to a sustainable economy—that is, an asset that minimizes natural and social resource depletion. It may include best-in-class and/or ESG integration, which considers how ESG issues impact a security’s risk and return profile.

Thematic investment is investment in themes or assets specifically related to ESG factors, such as clean energy, green technology, sustainable agriculture, gender diversity, or affordable housing. This approach is often based on needs arising from economic or social trends.

Green investment refers to allocating capital to assets that mitigate climate change, biodiversity loss, resource inefficiency, and other environmental challenges. Social investment refers to allocating capital to assets that address social challenges. These can be products that address the bottom of the pyramid (BOP). “BOP” refers to the poorest two-thirds of the economic human pyramid, a group of more than four billion people living in poverty. Examples can include 1) Microfinance 2) basic access to telecommunication 3) access to improved health and nutrition 4) access to clean energy. Social investing can also include social impact bonds.

Impact investing refers to investments made with the specific intent of generating positive, measurable social or environmental impact alongside a financial return (which differentiates it from philanthropy). Ethical and faith-based investment refers to investing in line with certain principles, often using negative screening to avoid investing in companies whose products and services are deemed morally objectionable by the investor or certain religions, international declarations, conventions, or voluntary agreements. Typical exclusions include: tobacco, alcohol, pornography, weapons, and significant breach of agreements, such as the Universal Declaration of Human Rights or the International Labor Organization’s Declaration on Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work.


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