CFA, FRM and SOA exams Postponed because of Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Following the coronavirus outbreak, various professional bodies have resulted in pushing forward the exam dates of various professional examinations. CFA Exams The Chartered Financial Analyst Institute has postponed the June CFA exams globally as according to an email received by…

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CFA vs. FRM vs. FSA (Actuary)

Done/Almost Done with Campus? What is the next move? It is my assumption that whoever stumbles upon this article is either a final year student or a recent graduate. Graduating from University is both a happy and confusing moment for…

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Everything You Need to Know about FSA Exams

Definition of an Actuary It is common thought that an actuary is a graduate in the field of Actuarial Science. It is also common thought that an actuary’s job is to calculate insurance premiums and analyze risk(s). However, the work…

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Everything You Need to Know About FRM Exams

The Financial Risk Manager program (FRM) is an exam certification that is offered to individuals interested in working in the financial risk management department of firms. It is an internationally recognized certification that is administered by the Global Association of…

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CFA Level 1 Topics and Weights

A Word from the Author This article is meant for individuals who have decided to pursue the CFA charter. It is also meant for individuals who are still indecisive on whether to pursue CFA exams or not. I will start…

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All you Need to Know About the 2020 CFA Exams

Is there a Need to Pursue Professional Courses? With the rising number of college graduates and a limited supply of jobs, an undergraduate college degree is slowly losing its value. Professional certifications from various professional bodies serve the vital purpose…

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FRM Part 1 Changes from 2019 to 2020

Here are the major changes for FRM part 1 for 2020: Book 1 – Foundations of Risk Management Chapter 1: The Building Blocks of Risk Management (Previously: Risk Management: A Helicopter View) ADDED: Explain how risk factors can interact with each other and…

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Questions to Ask When Hiring New Graduates

Although many employers think that new graduates are not ready for challenges that modern workplaces represent, this is usually not the case. Hiring someone who just finished their studies can actually be an excellent decision for your company. One of…

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Society of Actuaries Membership: FSA or CERA?

First, what is an Actuary? An actuary is a professional who identifies and analyses the financial impact of various uncertainties. Actuaries apply mathematical, analytical and computer programming skills to come up with models that identify and manage potential risks. That…

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Five Industries Actuaries Can Work in Apart From Insurance

For the actuarial profession, there is no denying that things are looking up – that is in terms of employment opportunities. According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, it is estimated that by the year 2028, the absorption of…

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