Practice Package (for Level III of the CFA® Exam) by AnalystPrep


AnalystPrep’s Practice Package for the Level III of the CFA Exam includes:

  • Level III Question Bank (108 item sets for a total of 648 practice questions, organized by topic)
  • Level III Essay Questions (20 essay-type cases with detailed explanations)
  • Performance Tracking Tools (View your performance in attractive charts and compare yourself to all other AnalystPrep candidates in real time)
  • Five Ask-a-Tutor Questions (via live chat)
  • 12-month Access (No recurring billing)

Created by professionals

AnalystPrep’s content has been developed by certified CFA charterholders with first-hand experience of the exam. Our instructors know what it takes to pass. Each question is repeatedly validated to ensure you get the most out of the platform. All our practice questions are adjusted regularly to be consistent with the current CFA® Program curriculum and difficulty level. Join the 20,000 candidates who register yearly.

This package includes:

Item Sets and Question Bank
108 item sets for a total of 648 practice questions, organized by topic
Essay Type Questions
20 essay-type cases with detailed explanations
Performance Tracking Tools
View your performance in attractive charts and compare yourself to all other AnalystPrep candidates in real time
Five Ask-a-Tutor Questions
Via live chat or via email
12-month Access
No recurring billing

About Level I of the CFA® Exam

The Level III CFA exam is offered twice a year. The afternoon session, which is similar to the Level II exam, includes item set questions. Each item set has 6 multiple-choice questions and there are 10 item sets in total.

The unusual part of the Level III exam is the morning session, where candidates have to write answers in essay format. The essay format part consists of 8 to 12 questions and each question has two or more sub-parts.

Unlike other CFA exams, the curriculum for level III focuses mainly on portfolio management and wealth planning. Topics such as Quantitative Methods, Economics, Corporate Finance, Financial Reporting and Analysis have been removed from the curriculum. Ethics, Alternative Investments, Derivatives, Equity Investments, and Fixed Income topics mostly preserve the weightings they were assigned in previous exams. Meanwhile, Portfolio Management and Wealth Planning topics weightings now comprise 45%-55% of the Level 3 exam.

As you can see, the curriculum from Level III is much different from previous levels:

Topic Exam Weight
Ethical and Professional Standards 10 – 15%
Quantitative Methods 0%
Economics 5 – 10%
Financial Reporting and Analysis 0%
Corporate Finance 0%
Equity Valuation 10 – 15%
Fixed Income 15 – 20%
Derivatives 5 – 10%
Alternative Investments 5 – 10%
Portfolio Management and Wealth Planning 35 – 40%

* The exam weights are subject to change on a year-to-year basis.


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Ken S.

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Abdulgadir M.

Loved the video series. I love the video series because the explanation is provided in the simplest manner. It is helping me in clearing my concepts.

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Pratham K.

BIG THANK YOU! I’d like to special thank you for Prof Forjan and the team. […] I’m more than grateful to have access to these amazing tutorials here which greatly ease my study pressure and gain confidence. […] Once again, a big THANK YOU!

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Mary F.

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