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AnalystPrep for FRM®

AnalystPrep's FRM Part I Question Bank focuses on the tools used to assess financial risks, such as quantitative analysis, fundamental risk management concepts, financial markets and products, and valuation and risk models.
AnalystPrep's FRM Part II QBank and Mock Exams emphases the application of the tools acquired in Part I, and comprises of hard questions on the subjects of market risk, credit risk, operational and integrated risk management, investment management, and current issues in the financial markets.

AnalystPrep for CFA®

At AnalystPrep, we believe that the best way to maximize your chances of passing the CFA Level I exam is by practicing as much as you can with our CFA Question Bank and then testing yourself with mock exams. Sign up for free to start practicing with more than 150 exam-style questions covering each LOS. Or upgrade your membership to access unlimited customizable quizzes and PDF CFA L1 mock exams.
The CFA level 2 exam is often regarded as the hardest among candidates. AnalystPrep has built a CFA L2 question bank of 200 cases, each comprising of 6 practice questions that will test your knowledge of the topics tested in the CFA level II exam.
The CFA Level III exam focuses on skills candidates need to acquire to become analysts and portfolio manager. AnalystPrep's CFA Level III Question Bank focuses on wealth planning and the tools necessary to make sound financial decisions for your clients.