Practice under Exam Conditions

Passing the CFA level I exam is not a case of merely putting in the hours. It’s not enough to accumulate knowledge, it’s actual practice that really makes a difference.

AnalystPrep’s Level I mock exams for the CFA® Program are based on past CFA Institute exams and are designed to conform to current testing formula and level of difficulty. Candidates who practice using mock exams have been found to perform better on the final exam compared to those who only revise. We recommend using AnalystPrep’s Level I practice exams for the CFA® Program to help you practice under simulated actual exam conditions

For a nominal price, our paid packages include 8 mock exams in PDFs for you to download and print. Each of AnalystPrep’s Level I practice exam for the CFA® Program contains 120 questions, which equates to one session of the actual exam. AnalystPrep takes the pressure off your study by offering you a value-for-money pass guarantee with our Premium and Coaching packages. That way, you get to keep your premium status for as long as you need to pass your Level I CFA® Program exam. Moreover, new Level I mock exams for the CFA® Program will be generated by the dedicated professionals at AnalystPrep every year so premium members can practice using unique mock exams!

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Do I Really Need Mock Exams?

The CFA level I exam is different and rigorous than most examinations you have ever taken in your life.  It’s better to have the shock in the mock than in the final exam.

From experience, exam pressure can be a catalyst to nerves, frustration and sloppy mistakes that culminate in poor performance even among best-prepared candidates. To perform well on the big day, you need to develop the ability to subdue the pressure, and that calls for practice under exam conditions.

AnalystPrep’s level I mock exams replicate the format and difficulty level of the live exam. They act as a call to action and inform whether you need to do more work, change revision strategies, or develop skills needed to perform under pressure. There can hardly be a better way to boost your confidence.

  • Start early to give yourself ample time for revision
  • Aim to spend no more than 1.5 minutes per question
  • Attempt all questions before taking a look at the answers provided

Tips to Help You Crack FRM Part 1

  • Start your prep early
  • Go through your notes at least twice
  • Pay attention to exam weightings
  • Always use end-of-chapter practice questions and quizzes to test your understanding of key concepts topic moving on to the next one
  • Be sure to take at least two mock exams

Identify Topics that Need Attention

Every question in the mock exam comes with a detailed answer provided on a separate document. To gain the full benefit of your mock exam, you are encouraged to spend time analyzing your mistakes with the help of the answers provided. Paying careful attention to where you went wrong helps you avoid making the same mistakes, know where your weaknesses are, and increase your understanding of the topic.

Start practicing with AnalystPrep’s Level I mock exams for the CFA® Program early to give yourself enough time to work on your weaknesses and improve your performance.

CFA® exams

Our CFA® packages start as low as $99.

Add unlimited ask-a-tutor questions for $30 and make sure there's no topic left behind.

Our CFA Level I packages start at $129 and include extensive study notes.

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  • 250 Item Sets
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/ never expires
  • 250 Item Sets
  • Two Full Mock Exams
  • 24/7 Customer Support
  • Performance Dashboard


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“Great study materials and exam-standard questions. In addition, their customer service is excellent. I couldn’t have found a better CFA study partner.”

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