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Master every concept, strategy, and technique to earn a top GMAT score with AnalystPrep’s video lessons. These GMAT Focus video lessons are designed to make learning more intuitive and fruitful.

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Practice with thousands of exam-style GMAT Focus practice questions to test your concept mastery as you go. AnalystPrep’s rich GMAT question bank includes high-quality questions that replicate the difficulty level of the real exam.

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Performance tracking is part of our complete set of GMAT Focus analytics tools that gives you invaluable insights into your performance, including the ability to compare your GMAT Focus results for practice exams with more than 50,000 users worldwide.

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The three GMAT Focus Edition test sections are crucial in achieving your total score. Our GMAT Focus question banks, featuring carefully selected questions, are specifically designed to enhance your skills across these sections for a top-notch performance in the GMAT Focus Edition.

GMAT Focus Quantitative Reasoning Practice

Sharpen your numerical literacy and mathematical abilities with AnalystPrep’s extensive resources for the Quantitative Reasoning section. Our video lessons and study notes cover this area comprehensively, providing numerous questions and quizzes. Get ready to excel in the 45-minute Quantitative Reasoning section of the GMAT Focus Edition.

Verbal Reasoning GMAT Focus Practice

Enhance your reading and comprehension skills with AnalystPrep’s targeted practice questions for the Verbal Reasoning section of the GMAT Focus Edition. Our materials help you practice completing this section within the 45-minute timeframe, building your confidence and proficiency.

Data Insights GMAT Focus Practice

Develop your data analysis and interpretation skills with AnalystPrep’s focused practice for the GMAT Focus Edition’s Data Insights section. Our resources, including detailed study notes and practice questions, are tailored to prepare you for this critical component of the exam, which involves understanding and analyzing data in various formats.

Comprehensive GMAT Focus Edition Preparation

AnalystPrep’s GMAT Focus Edition study platform offers a holistic approach to preparing for the exam. With our comprehensive question banks, you can thoroughly prepare for all the sections of the GMAT Focus Edition, ensuring a well-rounded performance and a high score.

How long does it take to get GMAT Focus exam results?
GMAT lets you preview your provisional score on the screen immediately after the exam. However, your official GMAT results will be available in your account within 7-20 business days of exam completion.
What are the GMAT Focus requirements?
There are no major eligibility requirements concerning previous academic qualifications for taking the GMAT exams apart from a minimum age requirement of 18 years. However, students between 13 and 17 should get written permission from their parents or legal guardians.
How hard is the GMAT Focus?
At least 200,000 candidates take the GMAT exam annually, with only about 6% of the test takers scoring above 700 marks. This clearly shows that the GMAT exam is very tough, and it takes a good amount of effort to score 700+. Appointment Reschedule Fees: Up to 24 hours before your appointment: NO FEE Reschedule appointment by phone: US$10 Appointment Cancellation Fees: Up to 24 hours before your appointment: US$100** Cancel appointment by phone: US$10 If you submit a cancellation request less than 24 hours before your scheduled appointment, you'll forfeit your entire registration fee of $350.
What GMAT score is required for the Top 15 MBA program?
The average GMAT Focus score for top MBA programs varies from one country to another. Here's a breakdown of average scores per country/region: USA – The average score for the top 50 business schools in the US is 703, ranging from 634 to 734 marks. Europe – The average score for the top business schools in Europe is 676, ranging from 638 to 709 marks. Canada – The average score for the top business schools in Canada is between 520-780 marks. Australia – The average score for the top business schools in Australia is between 600-695 marks.
How long does it take to prepare for the GMAT?
You should invest a good amount of study hours to score highly in the GMAT exam. On average, students who achieve the highest GMAT score spend at least 3 months mastering concepts and about 100 - 120 hours reviewing the study material and practicing questions regularly.
What's the GMAT cost?
In most locations in the US, the online version of the GMAT exam costs USD 300, while the test-center version costs about USD 275.
When can I take the GMAT Focus exams?
There isn't a specific period or a fixed date when you can take the GMAT test. You can take the GMAT online exam at home 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. For test-center exams, GMAT test centers give specific dates in a month when candidates can take the exams. It's advisable to book your appointment in advance to know the exact date of your exam.
Can I take the GMAT Focus test multiple times?
You can take the GMAT exam up to 5 times within a 12-month period, regardless of the format. For instance, you can take it twice online and three times in person, and that would be your five-test limit. However, the lifetime limit on the number of times one can take the GMAT is 8, again, regardless of the format.
How does GMAT Focus scoring work?
"GMAT is an adaptive test. For this reason, your scores are NOT solely determined by the number of questions you answer correctly. The GMAT is scored in three sections; Verbal Reasoning, Quantitative Reasoning, and Data Insights. Your total score on GMAT Focus ranges between 205 and 805. This is the score that most business schools are likely to focus on the most. The individual sections of the GMAT are scored as follows: Total Score Scale: The total score scale for the GMAT Focus Edition ranges from 205 to 805. Section Scores: The GMAT Focus Edition consists of three sections: Quantitative Reasoning, Verbal Reasoning, and Data Insights. Each section has a maximum score of 90 and a minimum score of 60. Overall Exam Structure: The GMAT Focus Edition is shorter and has fewer total questions. The test has been designed to be completed in 2 hours and 15 minutes, compared to the traditional GMAT's duration of 3 hours and 7 minutes. Score Reports: The GMAT Focus Edition provides a detailed performance insight in the score report, which is included in the exam fee. This detailed report offers insights into the candidate's performance in each section and for each question type.
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Stefan Maisner is without a doubt the best tutor I could have possibly found. Stefan knew the official questions like the back of his hand and he knew all of the shortcuts. Being that i have a background in communications, the quant section had been a pain point for months. Stefan also had a background in communications and he was able to teach me in the way that I understood the math concepts that I needed to grasp, and showed me how to think logically and critically about the problems that didn’t require you to do the math.

Courtney M.

I prepared for the GMAT under Stefan. It was super easy to use the online platform and was very convenient to save notes this way. Stefan is extremely knowledgable on the testing material and really cares about his students.

Emily L.

As an international student I did not have much standardized test taking experience and never had a tutor before. However, Stefan really helped me improve my core skills and also helped me develop crucial test taking strategies. I was able to see improvements after every single tutoring session with him. Overall, he helped me improve my GMAT score by 90 points (from 650 in diagnostic test to 740 on the actual test), which was way above what I thought was possible.

Luis R.

I had an amazing experience with Stefan M for my GMAT prep. When I started the process I was scoring in the low 600s, but by the end, I managed to get my score above a 700! Stefan was also great at helping me navigate the add uncertainties caused by the Covid-19 pandemic. I could not recommend him more enough!

Bill B.

I can definitively say that if I did not have Stefan to help me that there would be no way that I could’ve gotten the final score I did. His intimate knowledge of how the test works, the strategy required for each section, and his mastery of the content of the questions, puts him in the top echelons of GMAT tutors. I could not recommend him anymore to any student looking to take the GMAT.

Sebastian B.

Stefan was awesome! He brought up my verbal from the 40th to the 76th percentile. Very affordable, very high quality. I went from a 650 to a 690 in a very tight timeframe.

Jessie S.

I had already taken the online prep course from another provider and had a score in the high 600s. I then worked with Stefan to prepare for my re-take of the GMAT. I was able to increase my Verbal score from 35 to 40 and finally get over the summit of 700 (720: Q48: V40.) I would like to thank him for all his help!

Ken S.

My lessons with Stefan started almost right away and the approach he taught me was much easier to understand than what was presented in the usual GMAT guide books (several of which I had read over multiple times, and failed to implement successfully). I took the test a second time and obtained a score of 740, which was my target.

Harshita V.

Stefan was awesome! He brought up my Verbal from the 40th to 76th percentile. I would definitely use him again. Very affordable, very high quality. I went from a 650 to a 690 in a very tight timeframe.

Jessie S.