FRM Part II Study Notes – Each Chapter Already Summarized

Give yourself the best possible chance of success with AnalystPrep’s FRM exam part II study notes. The notes will help you develop in-depth knowledge and understanding of principles needed to pass the exam. The study notes include a full explanation of all the curriculum objectives, with worked examples and short questions to test your understanding.

FRM exam part II study notes build on concepts introduced in part I. It’s common to encounter questions that combine concepts from different topics. Our study notes are written in an easy-to-understand conversational tone. Whatever your professional background is, you can be sure to grasp all that’s needed.

We leverage expert FRM instructors to help you unravel key concepts and gain confidence as you revise. Plus, AnalystPrep’s FRM preparation packages are approved by the Association of Risk Professionals (GARP) so you know that the quality of the content is up to par with what you will encounter in the FRM exams.

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What Exactly Do you Get?

  • Chapter-by-chapter analysis with detailed explanations on key concepts
  • End-of-chapter questions to gauge your progress
  • Exam tips and tricks for applying your knowledge
  • Curriculum updates
  • Real-time interaction with our instructors whenever you need additional help

A Brand You Can Trust

AnalystPrep is an approved prep provider. Our FRM exam part II study notes are written by certified FRM professionals. You can be sure to find tips and top secrets gained through first-hand experience. We develop the notes in liaison with candidates to ensure you cover everything you need to pass. The FRM curriculum updates regularly, and so do our study notes. You can be sure to get up-to-date content in line with the latest curriculum review.


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Combine FRM Part I and FRM Part II and get a 25% discount ($149). You can also add unlimited ask-a-tutor questions for $30.

All packages come with a lifetime duration and unlimited curriculum updates. NEVER pay twice for the same product!

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  • Extensive Study Notes
  • 1,500 Practice Questions
  • Two Full Mock Exams
  • 24/7 Customer Support
  • Performance Dashboard


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Joshua Brown

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Zubair Jatoi

“I bought the FRM premium subscription about 2 weeks ago. Very good learning tool. I contacted support a few times for technical questions and Michael was very helpful.”

Jordan Davis