The Complete CFA® Designation Salary Analysis

In the following article, I’m going to dig into data available on to analyze the effect a CFA designation has on the median analyst’s salary. While I don’t use any data based on fewer than 100 respondents, a limited sample size in some…

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CFA® Designation vs. FRM® Designation vs. FSA (Actuary)

Done/Almost Done with Campus? What is the next move? It is my assumption that whoever stumbles upon this article is either a final year student or a recent graduate. Graduating from University is both a happy and confusing moment for…

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Questions to Ask When Hiring New Graduates

Although many employers think that new graduates are not ready for challenges that modern workplaces represent, this is usually not the case. Hiring someone who just finished their studies can actually be an excellent decision for your company. One of…

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5 Benefits of the CFA Charter

A large number of professionals consider this every year and a lot of information concerning the CFA qualification abounds on the internet and the reasons to enroll in it. However, this information is specifically written by individuals seeking to earn more CFA…

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Career Opportunities for CFA Charterholders

Is the CFA designation worth the stress involved in obtaining it? Is it better than other professional certifications such as Certified Public Accountant (CPA) or Masters of Business Administration (MBA)? In order to ascertain the value of the CFA certification,…

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