What’s the Best GMAT Prep Book

What’s the Best GMAT Prep Book

Your GMAT score can notably affect your acceptance into an advanced MBA program of your choice. This is because most programs require applicants to have taken the GMAT exams. They use an applicant’s GMAT score to determine their readiness for an academically rigorous advanced business school. The GMAT exams are quite challenging, and a candidate is required to prepare adequately for the test. Experts advise that you should take at least 120 hours to prepare with the best GMAT prep book out there to maximize your score. Here are a few prep books that can provide you with the knowledge and practice you need to get a good score.

Why should you get a prep brook?

A candidate may not be sure why they need prep books to prepare for the GMAT exams. Therefore, here are some importances on why you should use prep books to study for the test:

  • They contain beneficial test-taking skills, which consequently improve your confidence and test score.
  • Prep books have common questions that you might encounter in the test. This enables you to familiarize the language format used to set test questions.
  • They include practice questions that allow you to maximize your study time and test how well you understand the content.

The prep books are divided into different categories. A candidate can select what to use according to what areas they need to focus on. These categories are:

  1. General Purpose Prep Books.
  2. Quantitative Books.
  3. Verbal Books.
  4. Integrated Reasoning and Analytical Writing Books.

General purpose GMAT prep books

General purpose prep books contain most, if not all, parts of a GMAT exam. A GMAT exam is made up of analytical writing, integrated reasoning, quantitative reasoning, and verbal reasoning. Some of these books might contain a combination of two or more sections.

GMAT official 2022 guide bundle

This is the official GMAT prep book bundle. It is made up of a general exam guide. Additionally, it has guides for verbal and quantitative reasoning sections of the exam. With a good amount of reviews, this book guarantees good scores if used appropriately. Similarly, it contains over 1,900 practice questions with well-explained answers. This allows you to comprehend the reasoning behind different questions and track your progress.

Manhattan Prep( All The GMAT Bundle, 7th Edition)

This bundle contains content from the 10-book (Complete GMAT strategy guide) compressed into 3 books. The bundle contains the following outstanding features:

  • Different test-taking strategies.
  • Numerous practice questions for quantitative and verbal reasoning sections.
  • Scheduling tips and interactive video sessions.
  • Six Computer Adaptive GMAT practice tests.

It is a great bundle, especially because it contains the Computer- Adaptive tests. This prepares you for the main exam environment, which is Computer-Adaptive.

Kaplan’s” GMAT prep plus 2022-2023”

Kaplan provides one of the best prep books in the market. Their prep book contains more than 350 test questions made by experts. It also includes 6 online Computer-Adaptive practice tests and answers. The answers have review details to enable you to understand how examiners expect you to answer questions.

Kaplan guarantees candidates that using the book will raise their general GMAT score and a refund if it fails to do so.

Mometrix’s “GMAT Prep Book 2022-2023”

Mometrix’s prep book enables candidates to understand essential concepts behind GMAT tests. These include:

  • Vocabulary used in writing test questions.
  • Principles behind the writing of different questions.
  • The logical organization.
  • Mathematics and verbal sections of the exams.
  • Complete practice tests with comprehensively explained answers.
  • Online videos in which experts explain various elements of the GMAT test.

GMAT Official Advanced Questions

This book contains the most challenging questions from the past GMAT exams. It contains up to 300 difficult questions with explained answers. A candidate can use it as an online question bank. It is an official GMAT book modeled toward producing the highest scorers.

Quantitative GMAT prep books

These are some of the top books that are major in the quantitative section of the test. They contain most of the information a test-taker might need to score well in this section.

Manhattan Prep’s “GMAT Foundations of Maths 7th Edition”

This book contains directions from scholars who achieved the best scores in the 99th percentile. This includes concepts behind GMAT maths questions and essential strategies on how to tackle questions. It also contains practice math problems with video tutorials on how to solve the questions.

It is a good book, especially for candidates who want to improve their quantitative section of the GMAT test.

Manhattan’s Prep’s” GMAT Advanced Quant, 3rd Edition”

This detailed guide contains more than 250 of the most difficult GMAT maths questions. It assists candidates who want to get an excellent quantitative score.

Kaplan’s “GMAT Math Workbook, 10th Edition”

Kaplan provides a good prep book that offers a detailed summary of GMAT’s exceptional maths concepts. It contains at least practice questions. With it, candidates get to learn important test-taking strategies, how to solve problems, data-based questions, and how to score in the quant section.

Moreover, the book also contains instructions on frequently tested topic data analysis and algebra, with answers that are explained in detail.

GMAT verbal books

GMAT verbal books prepare a candidate for the verbal reasoning section of the test. Their main aim is to enhance a candidate’s ability to comprehend concepts explained through language and apply logic to answer questions correctly.

Power scores “GMAT Critical Reasoning Bible, 2021 Edition”

A test-taker can greatly improve their verbal skills by using this book. It contains ideas behind the most critical reasoning questions. This enables a candidate to understand argumentation and how to answer questions quickly to improve their verbal score. These concepts improve your reading comprehension. This bundle comes with a website that has suggestions and guidance for the exam.

Manhattan’s Preps “GMAT Foundation of Verbal, 7th Edition”

This is another approved book that is good for fresh English speakers. It contains foundational verbal concepts used on the GMAT test. A candidate can benefit from its online practice tests and interactive tutorials. These enable a test-taker to master reading comprehension, critical reasoning, and sentence correction.

The Critical Reader “The complete GMAT Sentence Correction Guide”

The critical reader is written by a renowned author who shares strategies for doing well in sentence correction. The book also contains 150 practice questions. These enable a student to identify various question types and how to go about answering them. A test-taker also benefits from grammar points taught in the book. It can be used together with other books.

Integrated Reasoning and Analytical Writing Prep Books

Manhattan’s prep’s “GMAT Integrated Reasoning and Essay, 7th Edition”

Manhattan Prep provides an intensive guide that covers concepts about these sections of the test. It teaches time and tips on how to solve IR and AWA essays. 

These are some of the prep books that you can use to prepare for the GMAT test. They will assist you in improving your overall GMAT score. A test-taker can also visit the GMAT website for recommendations and test-taking tips. Are ready to take your GMAT test? Enroll with AnalystPrep to access comprehensive GMAT study materials with lots of practice questions to gauge your performance.

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sindhushree reddy
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