The Best GMAT Question Bank

The Best GMAT Question Bank

As you are sending your application to business schools or just applying to the business school of your choice, your GMAT Score is probably one of the most important aspects of your application. Your GMAT score will determine whether you are able to get into your school or program of choice. In your GMAT journey, one of the most important things you will need to do in preparation for your exam is lots of practice. That’s why you want to know which is the best GMAT question bank that would see you get your target scores.

You will need to take full-length practice tests, but other than that, you will need to incorporate drills of certain skill sets or take short quizzes you can easily fit into your daily routine. It’s at this point that you’ll turn to a GMAT question bank. But with so many options available, how will you know which question bank will serve your needs the best?

What makes a good GMAT practice quiz?

Before we get into the details of which question bank is the best, let us look at the characteristics of a good GMAT quiz.

  1. A high-quality GMAT practice quiz should be realistic. GMAT practice questions on these quizzes should match as closely as possible the questions in the actual exam in terms of content, format, and tone.
  2. A good GMAT quiz is customizable. This means that you should be able to select in advance the kind of questions you want to answer. For example, if you want to answer Quant questions only or, even more specifically, you want to answer data sufficiency questions only, a good quiz should allow you to make that choice. Some GMAT quizzes allow you to customize even further by allowing you to select the difficulty level of the questions you want to answer and even the length of the quiz. Customizing allows you to do focused practice enabling you to target your areas of weakness. 

Let us look at some GMAT practice question banks available in the market, what makes them stand out, and see if that will help you make a determination of which one is best for you. 

1. AnalystPrep

AnalystPrep offers 1000+ GMAT practice problems that are available in at least two of the packages offered. So far, AnalystPrep has one of the best GMAT question banks with exam-grade questions that candidates can use to prepare for the GMAT exam. For as low as $79 with the practice package, you get access to 1000+ GMAT questions cutting across all four exam sections. The GMAT prep course provider offers three packages – the Learning package that purely incorporates conceptual video lessons for $79, the Practice package that purely contains practice problems and quizzes for all four sections for $79, and the Learn + Practice package that combines the two packages for $149. With that, you get 12-month access to all the packages.

If you’re on a tight budget but still need quality study resources that will enable you to study adequately for the exams, AnalystPrep is the GMAT prep course for you. Check out our GMAT study packages from our product page and start studying for your exams with confidence. 

2. Official GMATPREP software 

The official GMAT prep software is available for free with an account at It is written by the Graduate Management Admissions Council(GMAC) and contains 90 questions. You can organize these questions into quizzes of the desired length. You can even pick how many of each question type you want in a quiz.

The greatest advantage of the official GMAT Prep Software is that all the questions are written by the authors of the actual GMAT. It will thus be closest in content and format to what you will meet in the actual exam. It is a good place to start since it sets the standard for all GMAT quizzes, and it is free.

Another advantage of the official GMAT prep software is that it allows you to review questions you have answered incorrectly, and the answer explanations are in-depth and are categorized by the skills needed to answer them correctly. The official GMAT prep software also gives you a detailed breakdown of your progress over time. If you are preparing to take the GMAT, this is a very good place to start. 

3. Kaplan Prep GMAT practice tests 

Kaplan/Manhattan Prep provides access to six full-length exams and over 700 practice problems. The most outstanding thing about the Kaplan Prep GMAT practice tests is the realistic nature of the simulated exams. The Kaplan GMAT practice exams closely match the problem length, content, and difficulty level of the actual exam. 

When taking the exam, you are able to customize and alter the order in which the sections appear.

You can opt to take the exam in a timed mode or without a timer. This feature is especially helpful because timing and pacing can be particularly challenging to students. Kaplan/Manhattan prep also includes detailed reports to assess your performance. These reports are especially helpful in identifying skill and knowledge hapa so that you can concentrate on your areas of weaknesses. 

The Kaplan/Manhattan prep bundles price out at $75 and may be ideal for those looking for practice exams on a tight budget.  

4. GMAT Practice Tests from Target Test Prep

Target Test Prep draws attention to itself due to the sheer volume of practice questions they offer, plus all the extra GMAT study materials they put in. In total, Target Prep provides more than 4000 practice questions in addition to two full-length practice tests. The test prep includes intelligent metrics and error analytics that enable you to quickly identify your strengths and weaknesses. 

In addition, you get over 1200 video lessons, live support from experts, and 110 point score guarantee. 

The Target Test Prep bundle is more expensive, pricing out at $150. This only covers a content access period of 30 days unless you extend it for an additional fee. This may come across as pretty expensive, but it is actually quite a bargain considering all the materials and services that come together with the practice materials.

5. Mogoosh GMAT Practice Tests

Mogoosh offers more than 1300 top-notch practice questions and two full-length practice exams. It also offers many other resources, including more than 30 video lessons and email support from GMAT tutors. 

The email support Mogoosh offers is particularly helpful when you are reviewing your work. You don’t have to always rely on short, pre-written problem explanations written for everyone. You can email someone and get a personalized answer and explanation. 

At $249, Mogoosh GMAT Practice Tests are rather expensive compared to the others. But if you have the money, it may be well worth it, considering all that it has to offer. Including a 50-point score improvement guarantee. 


GMAT quizzes are a great addition to your GMAT prep. They will help you target your areas of weaknesses, and add variety to your study routine. Using the practice questions from any of the providers mentioned here and others not mentioned will help you get ready for the exams. 

However, do not use practice quizzes as the primary tool to gauge your overall preparedness for the GMAT. A full-length test will be a better indicator. The adaptive nature of these tests is a gold standard for GMAT prep. These tests will help you get accustomed to the exam format, build your overall stamina to take the test and gauge your progress more reliably. Ultimately, the best GMAT question bank should ultimately offer as many quizzes and practice problems as possible.

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sindhushree reddy
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