Stepping into the Future: Highlights of the 2024 CFA Curriculum Changes

CFA Level 1: Bite-sized Lessons for Every CFA Candidate In a significant paradigm shift, the CFA Level 1 curriculum for 2024 has seamlessly transitioned from traditional readings to a more dynamic Learning Module (LM) structure. These LMs, designed as bite-sized…

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An image with words FAQs to represent CFA ESG Exam Frequently Asked Questions
CFA ESG Exam Frequently Asked Questions

Is the demand for ESG expertise waning in the face of a shrinking job market? Far from it. In fact, the allure of the CFA ESG certification remains undiminished amidst evolving industry trends. With such compelling prospects, isn’t it time…

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An image of a woman holding a laptop to represent how students can study using CFA video lessons.
5 Reasons To Use CFA Video Lessons for Study

Navigating the CFA exams is no small feat. With each of the three levels boasting pass rates just above the halfway mark, it’s evident that the journey demands dedication and strategic preparation. While some may recount tales of swift success,…

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An image with the word important to represent important liks to CFA prep resources.
CFA Exam Prep Resources: Useful Links For Candidates

Are you preparing for the CFA exam or planning to do so in the near future? Like any dedicated candidate, you’re likely scouring the internet for CFA exam prep resources in readiness for the test. Imagine having all these valuable…

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An image of a man working on a project to represent a student working on CFA ESG Exam.
CFA ESG Exam: Cost, Registration Fees, & Exam Dates

The current world is undergoing unpredictable times, so much so that knowledge of ESG issues (environmental, social, and governance) is quintessential. Just when the matter had cooled down from the pandemic blast, other woes jumped right in. The world is…

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An image showing the initials ESG to used in this article to discuss best ESG certification.
CFA ESG, GARP SCR, CESGA, or SASB FSA: Which is the best ESG certification?

An ESG certification is a qualification that validates a professional’s knowledge of Environmental, Social, and Governance factors. The certification comes in different forms covering different issues in responsible investing, sustainability, and ESG compliance. ESG investing, despite being an emerging field,…

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An image to represent CFA study
CFA Study: Balancing Work, Life, and CFA Exams

The first thing you’ll hear while approaching your CFA exams is you need about 300 hours of study. And your first thought is that it’s impossible for you. Probably because you have a daunting full-time job, friends, and family to…

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How To Choose The Best CFA Exam Prep

CFA exams are renowned to be one of the hardest exams to pass. A candidate is usually required to dedicate at least 300 hours to study using the correct study materials. Selecting a good exam prep is the first step…

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CFA Latest Updates: Significant Enhancements to the CFA Program

The CFA Institute, the global association of investment professionals, announced significant changes to the CFA program. This comes as part of the institute’s continued efforts to enhance the program to meet the needs of its candidates and supply the industry…

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Things To Consider When Choosing a CFA Tutor

As simple as it sounds, selecting a good CFA exam tutor can be difficult. Plenty of tutors offer their services for both online and one-on-one tutoring sessions. However, it is usually hard to tell whether they would meet one’s expectations….

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