An image of a puzzled student to demonstrate "what's next after passing your first actuarial exams"
After Passing Your First Actuarial Exams, Next?

Passing your first actuarial exam is a great achievement. The feeling can be overwhelming since actuarial exams are quite challenging. After completing the first exams, most candidates usually need help deciding what to do next. As tempting as it sounds,…

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SOA Changes 2022-2023

Regarding SOA Changes 2022-2023, the SOA board of directors made changes to the SOA exam structure. The adjustments made in the ASA curriculum should help meet the market demand for actuarial education in the job market. The changes also support…

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Society of Actuaries Membership: FSA or CERA?

First, what is an Actuary? An actuary is a professional who identifies and analyses the financial impact of various uncertainties. Actuaries apply mathematical, analytical and computer programming skills to come up with models that identify and manage potential risks. That…

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Five Industries Actuaries Can Work in Apart From Insurance

For the actuarial profession, there is no denying that things are looking up – that is in terms of employment opportunities. According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, it is estimated that by the year 2028, the absorption of…

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SOA Exam IFM: Investment and Financial Markets

On your way to becoming an actuary, the Society of Actuaries (SOA) Exam IFM will most likely be your third actuarial exam. It is among the three preliminary professional tests (the other two being Exam P and Exam FM) that…

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SOA Exam FM: Financial Mathematics

You’ll need to pass a total of 10 actuarial exams to be accredited as an actuary – life or non-life regardless. Of course, the exams will be unique to the actuarial discipline you choose except for the first three –…

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Actuarial Exams to Pass: How to Become an Actuary?

According to Canadian Business, becoming an actuary is one of the best decisions you can make. The actuary job title ranks among the first 20 on a list of 100 best career paths for 2019. As a stand-alone, it may…

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Exam P (Probability) | SOA | How to Register and Pass the Exam?

Exam P is one of the very first exams you’ll face immediately after your degree on your way to becoming an actuary. You have an option of going with it or exam FM. Passing any of them is a requirement…

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