Spot Rate vs. Forward Rates (Calculations for CFA® and FRM® Exams)

Spot Rates A spot interest rate gives you the price of a financial contract on the spot date. The spot date is the day when the funds involved in a business transaction are transferred between the parties involved. It could…

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Level I CFA® Exam: 7 Best Tips to Help You Pass

Level I of the CFA exam is the first step towards receiving your CFA designation. In the level I exam, you’ll be tested in 10 topic areas. The combination of a variety of topics, along with exam anxiety, is the…

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Corporate Finance – Level I CFA® Program Essential Review Summary offered by AnaystPrep

Reading 31 – Introduction to Corporate Governance and ESG Considerations Corporate Governance is the managerial system by which a company is controlled. There are two primary theories that drive corporate governance structures, though they have been converging more closely together…

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The Complete CFA® Designation Salary Analysis

In the following article, I’m going to dig into data available on to analyze the effect a CFA designation has on the median analyst’s salary. While I don’t use any data based on fewer than 100 respondents, the limited sample…

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How to Study and Pass the CFA® Exam on your First Attempt

CFA exams are written twice annually in June and in December. It is, however, disheartening to know that the failure rate recorded in this exam is very high. According to results released, the failure rate at the June 2015 Level…

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What is a Question Bank and How Should CFA® Program Candidates Use It?

A question bank is a collection of exam-style questions used by thousands of students to adequately prepare for the exam. They are designed to reflect the current CFA exam curriculum, exam standards and by extension, the examiners’ approach. The questions…

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CFA®, FRM® and SOA Exams Postponed because of Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Following the coronavirus outbreak, various professional bodies have resulted in pushing forward the exam dates of various professional examinations. CFA® Exam The Chartered Financial Analyst Institute has postponed the June CFA® exam globally as according to an email received by CFA®…

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CFA® Designation vs. FRM® Designation vs. FSA (Actuary)

Done/Almost Done with Campus? What is the next move? It is my assumption that whoever stumbles upon this article is either a final year student or a recent graduate. Graduating from University is both a happy and confusing moment for…

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Everything You Need to Know about FSA Exams

Definition of an Actuary It is common thought that an actuary is a graduate in the field of Actuarial Science. It is also common thought that an actuary’s job is to calculate insurance premiums and analyze risk(s). However, the work…

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Everything You Need to Know About FRM Exams

The Financial Risk Manager program (FRM) is an exam certification that is offered to individuals interested in working in the financial risk management department of firms. It is an internationally recognized certification that is administered by the Global Association of…

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