SOA Exam IFM: Investment and Financial Markets

On your way to becoming an actuary, the Society of Actuaries (SOA) Exam IFM will most likely be your third actuarial exam. It is among the three preliminary professional tests (the other two being Exam P and Exam FM) that…

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SOA Exam FM: Financial Mathematics

You’ll need to pass a total of 10 actuarial exams to be accredited as an actuary – life or non-life regardless. Of course, the exams will be unique to the actuarial discipline you choose except for the first three –…

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Equity Investment – CFA Level 1 Essential Review Summary

Reading 44 – Market Organization and Structure Financial markets serve a wide variety of purposes, but there are six main categories of activity. They are used for Saving by individuals and organizations in order to grow their assets over time. Borrowing is also done…

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Corporate Finance – CFA Level 1 Essential Review Summary

Reading 33 – Corporate Governance and ESG: An Introduction Corporate Governance is the managerial system by which a company is controlled. There are two primary theories that drive corporate governance structures, though they have been converging more closely together in…

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Fixed Income – CFA Level 1 Essential Review Summary

Reading 50 – Fixed-Income Securities: Defining Elements A bond is a debt instrument that entitles the buyer to future cash flows from the issuing entity. Bonds can be issued by a variety of organizations, including companies, governments, and even supranational…

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Ethical and Professional Standards – CFA Level 1 Essential Review Summary

Ethical and Professional Standards is a major part of the CFA curriculum at all three levels, so it is very important to learn this material well.  The CFA Institute places a high value on ethics, and even uses scores on…

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CFA Level 1 Financial Ratios Sheet

Most financial ratios are important for your CFA level 1 exam. Here is an extensive list of these ratios. You can also download AnalystPrep ratio sheet by clicking on this link. Activity Ratios Activity ratios measure how efficiently a company performs day-to-day…

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Financial Reporting and Analysis – CFA Level 1 Essential Review Summary

There’s no getting around it, financial reporting and analysis is a big part of the CFA level 1 curriculum and there is a lot of material with which you’ll need to become familiar. As one of the largest sections of…

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Actuarial Exams to Pass: How to Become an Actuary?

According to Canadian Business, becoming an actuary is one of the best decisions you can make. The actuary job title ranks among the first 20 on a list of 100 best career paths for 2019. As a stand-alone, it may…

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Exam P (Probability) | SOA | How to Register and Pass the Exam?

Exam P is one of the very first exams you’ll face immediately after your degree on your way to becoming an actuary. You have an option of going with it or exam FM. Passing any of them is a requirement…

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