Things To Consider When Choosing a CFA Tutor

Things To Consider When Choosing a CFA Tutor

As simple as it sounds, selecting a good CFA exam tutor can be difficult. Plenty of tutors offer their services for both online and one-on-one tutoring sessions. However, it is usually hard to tell whether they would meet one’s expectations. Picking an online tutor is usually a gamble between getting one who will cater to your exam needs or one who will completely mess you up. You might need assistance in deciding what tutor to go for.

Below is a guide on things you should consider when choosing a CFA exam tutor who will be most suitable for you.`

Your level of exams

The CFA exams have three levels (Level I, II, and III). A candidate should sit and pass all three classes in sequential order to earn the Chartered Financial Analyst credentials. The exams test an individual’s knowledge of investment management. Selecting a tutor according to the exam level you are undertaking is essential. This is because they have a better understanding of topics and areas that are tested on that level. However, quite a few specialize in all three levels and are excellent at their job too.

Is the tutor well conversant with the curriculum?

The CFA Council of Examiners uses CFA-provided curriculum and learning outcome statements when setting exams. Getting a tutor who is well conversant with the curriculum at the level of exams, you are taking is essential. A tutor should provide you with prep notes, review notes, and revision questions from the recommended CFA institute curriculum. You must question tutors on their knowledge of the curriculum before committing to any. They should also be able to teach the current curriculum. Getting one who is not well conversant with the curriculum would be pointless. This can lead to getting the wrong materials and eventually failing the exams.

The tutor should also have years of experience and well-equipped study products. You should only accept tutors who are new to the market if they are still learning; hence they might not be accurate.

Get to know your CFA exam tutor

Find out as much as possible about a tutor before working with them. This enables you to gauge whether they are well-suited for you and whether they can deliver what you require. You can do this by reviewing the online reviews left by students they have tutored before. Similarly, you can check whether they satisfy the following conditions:

  1. Do they have outstanding tutoring experience in preparing candidates?
  2. Are they aware of the topics they are teaching?
  3. Can they predict questions and topics that appear in the exams accurately?
  4. Do they use study materials prepared by CFA charterholders and CIPM certificate holders?
  5. Are questions from previous exams part of their review questions?

An individual should get tutored by someone who satisfies the above conditions. The tutor should also hold a CFA designation certificate. This enables you to avoid those who plagiarise materials from tutors who hold certificates. You cannot depend on someone who did not take the exams to help you pass.

How soon can a tutor deliver study materials?

It is always advisable for an individual to have study materials as early as possible. Every tutor and prep provider work on different schedules. It is good to find one whose schedule and yours are similar. This allows them to deliver the study materials on time. Getting to study on time gives you ample time to read, understand the concepts and ask questions for clarity. Study materials delivered close to the exam dates might not be effective as they give you only a short time to learn the content before taking the exams. Therefore, be sure to inquire from a tutor about the time frame in which they can deliver study materials to you. It ensures that you avoid disappointments as you prepare for the exams.

Choose a tutor from the CFA tutor list

Each person has a study method that works for them, whether independently or thoroughly employing a tutor. Getting an online tutor is an excellent supplement to whichever study method you choose. There are tutors readily available on the CFA tutor list on their website. Tutors available on the website are vetted and provided by the institute. All of them are CFA charterholders and have a significant experience in exam trends throughout the years. They improve a candidate’s preparation for the examination and establish principles in candidates because they, too, took the CFA exams. 

Tutors and prep providers offer a variety of courses, and you might find exactly what you are looking for on the tutor list.

Question the tutor’s claims

Another thing you should do is question a tutor’s claims of success. If a tutor guarantee’s your total success on the exam, how will they handle you in cases of failure? Will they offer you the subsequent tutoring sessions at a discount when you are redoing a module? Will their product be helpful for future exams? Will they refund the total amount you paid for the sessions in case of failure? 

How do they calculate their pass rate for their study materials? Do they survey each student they have tutored, or do they only account for those who pass the exams?

Questioning a tutor’s claims gives you a clear picture of what to expect from them before deciding to work with them. It also offers you certainty on your next course of action if you must redo the level.

Recommendations from friends and colleagues

The number of prep providers has increased over the years, leaving a candidate with many choices. Consult your friends and colleagues who took the CFA exams about tutors who worked for them. They may greatly help you because of their prior experience with different tutors during their time. If you don’t know anyone, visit the CFA society next to you and ask for assistance from any members willing to give you a hand. They may also recommend study methods that are the most effective in covering the study materials before exams.

Does a tutor provide multiple study options?

You should go for someone who offers a variety of study methods so you can choose what works for you. The options include live online training, on-demand prep courses, and question bank study materials. Live online classes take you through the same material at the same pace as when they are handled in the classroom.

 Live sessions allow you to ask questions and clarify things you don’t understand. They also enable you to schedule your other activities around the class timetable.  

On-demand classes are an excellent option for people with full-time jobs and those with different learning speeds, as they offer flexibility. You can access study materials whenever you want and still reach the tutor via email or text for clarification. 

A question bank is a supplementary study option. It consists of a collection of exam-style questions. These act as a mock for you to ensure that you have learned and the program curriculum and can apply the concepts you have mastered.

These are some of the things you should consider when choosing a CFA tutor. However, your exam success requires you to put in the effort to study. Tutors enable you to make your studies more efficient. Any tutor who guarantees success without committing to your studies is misleading.

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