Derivatives – CFA Level 1 Essential Review Summary

Reading 48 – Derivative Markets and Instruments Derivative securities are an asset class where they derive (hence the name) their value from an underlying asset. These underlying assets can be financial assets like equities or bonds or real assets like…

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Alternative Investments – CFA Level 1 Essential Review Summary

Reading 58: Introduction to Alternative Investments The CFA curriculum is always changing and this last reading of Level 1 has been completely overhauled by the Institute and is considered a new reading. There is only this one reading regarding alternative…

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5 Benefits of the CFA Charter

A large number of professionals consider this every year and a lot of information concerning the CFA qualification abounds on the internet and the reasons to enroll in it. However, this information is specifically written by individuals seeking to earn more CFA…

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FRM Changes from 2018 to 2019

FRM Part 1 Changes in 2019 For FRM part 1, there has been no addition or deletion of any chapters. In fact, some chapters have been re-written but for the most part, all learning objectives have stayed the same. The…

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How to Recover from a Level I CFA® Exam Failure

Spending 6 months of your life studying for an exam only to find out that you failed can feel like an unrecoverable setback.  When you consider that you still need to pass two more exams that are even harder, it’s…

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Career Opportunities for CFA Charterholders

Is the CFA designation worth the stress involved in obtaining it? Is it better than other professional certifications such as Certified Public Accountant (CPA) or Masters of Business Administration (MBA)? In order to ascertain the value of the CFA certification,…

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CFA – Perfect competition vs Monopoly vs Oligopoly

In this CFA study guide, we’ll make it easier to differentiate between the 3 major types of industries covered in the CFA Curriculum: perfect competition, monopoly, and oligopoly. Most of the formulas needed to crush the Economics portion of the…

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CFA Study Guide – Calculating Currency Cross Rates

In this short post, we’ll be looking at calculating currency cross rates. If you understand how to do these calculations, this will give you easy points in your CFA exam.

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