What Jobs can I get after Passing Level I of the CFA Exam?

What Jobs can I get after Passing Level I of the CFA Exam?

The CFA Level I exam is challenging, and passing is a milestone that you should celebrate. However, you are probably wondering if this can help you kick start or advance your career. This article explores the possibilities.

Jobs positions that you can hold after passing the level I CFA exam

An online job search company searched through their database to determine the job positions held by candidates who had passed level I of the CFA exam in 2016. As a result, they identified the top five positions as asset management, accounting and finance, equities, risk management, and internships in various management firms.

According to this survey, it is likely that you can attain a job as an intern, junior research analyst, assistant accountant manager, investment product analyst, or assistant accounting analyst. However, although these job prospects look promising, you should keep in mind that there is no conclusive data on the exact impact passing the CFA level I exam had on getting employed.

How can passing level I CFA exams help you in your career?

Passing level I of the CFA exam is an excellent step towards enhancing your career and passing this level means that you have a good understanding of basic financial models. Therefore, you can use this to build your confidence when going for interviews.

However, it would be best to finish all three levels and attain a CFA charter to enjoy the benefits of being a CFA charter holder.

Tips to pass the level II CFA exam

CFA level II exams focus on testing how you apply financial analysis knowledge to real situations. You should have the skills to use analysis tools and relationships to assess financial data and determine asset value.

The level II exams include questions organized as vignettes consisting of in-depth testing on a single topic. These questions test your understanding of financial analysis using tables, texts, or financial statements to describe a financial situation that you should solve.

The topics in CFA level II are the same as those in level I but with a different range of topic weights. The key subjects include fixed income, equity valuation, and financial reporting. In addition, there are only 48 readings and 14 study sessions.

The following study tips will help you have the best chance of success.

Set up a study routine and adhere to it

To pass your exams, you need to understand the material and have the skills to apply this knowledge. The exam will test how to apply what you learned to different scenarios. Setting up a study routine will help you attain this high level of understanding and application skills, and starting a study routine as early as possible will go a long way in helping you achieve this.

You should adhere to the set study routine as much as possible and develop a study strategy to maximize the time you have in each session. For example, you can start by reading or listening to lectures and understanding the information, then apply the knowledge through practicing with examinations.

Pay attention to the core areas of study and expected learning outcomes

As discussed above, there are some core areas of the curriculum that you need to master in CFA. During your study sessions, you should pay more attention to these topics to master them.

Specific learning outcomes refer to what you should be able to do by the end of your CFA curriculum. This is the actual knowledge, skills, and abilities that the lecturer or instructor intends for you to learn or develop.

Specific learning outcomes are measurable and tested, for example, asking you to explain, identify or analyze a concept. The CFA Institute from the Candidate Body of Knowledge designs these learning outcomes, which are the core knowledge, skills, and abilities generally accepted and applied by investment professionals globally.

Paying close attention to the core areas of study and understanding the expected learning outcomes will help you have a more focused study session.

Relate your knowledge to real situations

To pass the CFA tests, you should know the material and the skill to apply that knowledge to real life. Therefore, it would be best to study to gain the skills to use the information in real scenarios.

It would be best to keep in mind that you need to use the material you learn to work in the real world. Therefore, you can make your learning material simpler to remember by relating it to real-life situations.

Practice taking the exam using mock tests

You must be familiar with the terms used in the tests and how to answer the questions effectively. Practice using mock examinations as many times as possible, leading to your scheduled test. Taking mock examinations will enable you to identify any knowledge gaps and adjust your study sessions. You will also understand the terms used during testing, the calculations required, and how to apply the knowledge to solve problems.

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