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The CFA® Designation

The CFA level I exam is the first of a series of three rigorous exams that must be sat and passed sequentially. The right to use the CFA designation is only granted once a member has passed all the three exams and satisfied work experience requirements as specified by the institute. Candidates can sit for the CFA Level 1 exam in June or December, but CFA Level II and III exams are offered exclusively in June. All the three exams are offered in English only.

FAQs about the CFA Exams

When is the next CFA exam? June 15, 2019
What are the costs to becoming a CFA charterholder? There is a one-time fee of USD 450 to enter into the CFA Program. Then, each exam costs between USD 650 (early registration) and USD 1,380 (late registration) to sit.
What experience do I need to register? You need to be in your final year of college, have a college degree, or have four years of professional experience.
How do I become a CFA charterholder? You need to have passed all three levels of the CFA examinations and 4 years of work experience in the investment industry.
How much study time is required for each exam? Candidates spent 308 hours on average to prepare for the exams. The average time spent on each exam level is as follows: Level I – 287 hours; Level II – 315 hours; Level III – 327 hours
What are the pass rates for CFA exams? Here are the latest pass rates: Level I – 45%; Level II – 45%; Level III – 56%
How much does a CFA charterholder make? The median salary for CFA charterholder in the USA is of approximately $86k.
What is the minimum passing score? The minimum passing score (MPS) for each level of the exam is determined by the CFA Institute each year after the administration of the exams. The MPS has never been released.
When will I know if I passed the exam? 60 days after the exam for levels I and II, 90 days for Level III.

Ultra-modern CFA Preparation Platform

  • Attempt thousands of CFA exam-style questions for all levels of the CFA exams to boost your confidence.
  • Our question bank simulates questions that replicate the difficulty of the actual CFA exams.
  • Create your own quizzes to enhance your understanding of specific areas.
  • Track your performance with our intelligent algorithms that let you compare your score with thousands of CFA QBank users worldwide.
  • Questions are continually reviewed to reflect the latest syllabus content and exam structure
  • Sign up for free to start practicing with more than 150 exam-style questions covering each LOS. Or upgrade your membership to access 3,000 CFA practice questions and unlimited customizable quizzes.

Tips To Help You Crack The CFA Exams

  • Start your prep early. The CFA exams are a marathon and require an extreme level of dedication.
  • Go through your notes at least twice. The first time around, you learn the concepts, but the second time you read the notes, you solidify your understanding of the CFA Curriculum.
  • Pay attention to CFA exam weightings. For example, the Level I exam puts a lot of weight on Ethical and Professional Standards and a lot less on Alternative Investments.
  • Always use end-of-chapter practice questions and AnalystPrep quizzes. The CFA Institute does not give out a lot of information. Therefore, you should supplement your studies with a CFA QBank to better your chances of passing the exam.
  • Be sure to take at least four mock exams. Time yourself and try to answer as many questions as possible in the three-hour timeframe given to you. Then, spend extra time reviewing your wrong answers and going back to the CFA Study Notes if required.

CFA® Level I

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