Tips to Manage Time during your FRM® Exam

Tips to Manage Time during your FRM® Exam

One of the most common reasons even well-prepared candidates fail the FRM exam. You can easily pass your exam using the following time management tips.

Take practice exams, and at least one timed mock exam

You must be familiar with the terms used in the tests and how to answer the questions effectively. Consequently, taking sample questions and mock exams to help you understand these terms. Mock tests simulate the actual exam conditions, which will help you manage time effectively during the test and give you confidence.

Additionally, taking mock examinations will enable you to identify any knowledge gaps and adjust your study sessions. You will also understand the terms used during testing, the calculations required, and how to apply the knowledge to solve problems.

Have a plan for the exam day

The time duration of the FRM exam is four hours, and it would be best to have a plan on how to answer each question effectively within the shortest time possible. The FRM exam is tricky, and you need to ensure that you choose the best answer. Therefore consider all the answer choices and not just stop when you think you have got to the right one.

Wordy questions are more challenging to reply to since they can be confusing and take up a lot of time. It is helpful to dissect the question into sections, identify the relevant information and what the question is asking. Understanding the significant part of the question will help you answer the question quickly and effectively.

Monitor your progress throughout the exam

It is wise to note the time you have left during the exam and ensure that you do not fall behind. Although your testing centers may not have clocks, your proctors will regularly let you know the time remaining.

Work through the easy questions first

The FRM exam is not easy, and you may start doubting yourself. An effective way of building confidence and managing time during the exam is to answer the easy questions first. In addition, this will leave more time to tackle the challenging questions. However, be careful not to leave any blank spaces on the answer sheet.

Do not panic

Panicking during the exam can make you fail despite adequate preparation and practice. It is critical to ensure that you remain calm during the exam to answer the questions effectively. You can a few seconds and take deep breaths to calm down.

You can avoid last-minute stress by beginning your studies early and practicing with sample questions and mock exams. Adequate preparation will help you remain confident and calm during the exam.

Be comfortable with your calculator

The FRM exam is highly quantitative, and the mathematical difficulty is the same as that of an advanced undergraduate or introductory graduate-level finance course. You will need to be comfortable using the calculator to answer the calculation problems efficiently and quickly.

GARP allows candidates to use various calculator versions such as Texas Instruments BA 11plus and BA 11 Plus Professional, Hewlett Packard versus including Hewlett Packard 10B 11, 10B 11 Plus, 20B, 12C, 12C Platinum and Anniversary edition. You will be allowed to use any of these calculators during the exam, so you must be comfortable using them.

What should I expect on the scheduled test day?

It would be best to show up at least thirty minutes early for your exam. It would be best if you made prior preparations like finding out where the testing center is and how long it will take you to get there to avoid being late. You might not be allowed to take the exam if you arrive late, and you will not get an exam fee refund or transfer.

GARP requires you to show a valid identification document such as a passport when registering or sitting for your exam. You are only allowed a few items in the exam room, so you should leave other personal belongings in your car. You are likely to be given a storage locker to keep your things. Some of the prohibited items from use in the test room include communication and electronic devices such as mobile phones and handheld computers.

You are allowed to bring a printed confirmation, approved identification document, and calculator. You might undergo a check through a metal detector wand, asked to empty your pockets to ensure you do not have any personal belongings. Ensure to follow the exam regulations and rules to avoid being disqualified.

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