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CFA ESG Exam Frequently Asked Questions

Here is the question that begs: is the demand for ESG expertise waning in the face of a shrinking job market? Far from it! In fact, the allure of the CFA ESG certification remains undiminished amidst evolving industry trends. With…

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CFA ESG Exam: Cost, Registration Fees, & Exam Dates

The current world is undergoing unpredictable times, so much so that knowledge of ESG issues (environmental, social, and governance) is quintessential. Just when the matter had cooled down from the pandemic blast, other woes jumped right in. The world is…

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CFA ESG, GARP SCR, CESGA, or SASB FSA: Which is the best ESG certification?

An ESG certification is a qualification that validates a professional’s knowledge of Environmental, Social, and Governance factors. The certification comes in different forms covering different issues in responsible investing, sustainability, and ESG compliance. ESG investing, despite being an emerging field,…

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