Apply For The Executive Assessment Test – A Simple Guide

Apply For The Executive Assessment Test – A Simple Guide

Are you an individual interested in attending an Executive Master of Business Administration Program(MBA)? Well, the Executive Assessment test(EA) is a standard exam requirement for an applicant to attend an MBA program compared to your other options. The EA test prepares you for graduate business programs, which catapults your business career to greater heights. It is used to gauge how ready you are for your MBA program. It also tests your readiness to take greater and more challenging roles in the business world. Here is what you need to know and how to apply for the executive assessment test.

I’m I eligible to take the EA test?

Before we look at the step-by-step application process, it is important to know whether the EA test is right for you. Here are the key points to note about the EA test before considering taking it:

  1. A candidate should have at least 8 years of full-time work experience. 
  2. You should know whether the school you are applying to accepts the EA test as a requirement to join their MBA program.
  3. It is suitable for only one type of MBA program, the MBA; therefore, you should only take the test if you’re interested in the EMBA.

How to apply for the executive assessment test

After confirming your eligibility to take the EA test, you can register for the test by following the steps below:

  1. Create an account via the site. Create an EA account and give the basic personal information.
  2. Select programs. Having created an account, select the programs that you are interested in sending your assessment results. You can also choose to send your selections at a later date in time.
  3. Schedule your assessment. Do this by selecting your preferred appointment location, date, and time. The location can either be online or at a test center, according to your preferences.
  4. Pay for your assessment. Select your preferred payment option after making your appointment selections. The standard test fee is 350 USD.

After following the steps, you will receive an e-mail informing you that you have successfully registered for the test. You can then proceed to prepare for your test.

How do I prepare to take an EA test?

A candidate needs to prepare well for the test to sharpen his/her skills. This ensures that you take your test confidently and you can answer a great number of questions effectively. As a first-time candidate, here is what you need to know about the EA test and how to prepare for each of the four segments of the exam:

  • The quantitative reasoning segment – Here, prepare for almost all high school topics, excluding geometry. You can take step-by-step youtube tutorials on most of the topics and highly recommended books, especially Math Review For Standardized Tests and the GMAT foundations for Maths, to sharpen your skills.
  • Reading comprehension segment – To effectively prepare for this, read is to read any dense material and understand it. However, the preferred technical materials are the EA assessment prep materials because they contain passages and the types of questions you are likely to encounter in the exam. You should make a habit of daily reading and describe the most important ideas from the comprehension using your own words.
  • Sentence correction segment – Prepare by familiarizing yourself with grammar rules. The grammar areas likely to be tested are subject-verb agreement, pronoun agreement, dependant and independent clauses, noun and verb modifiers, verb tenses, parallelism, comparisons, and idioms. The internet may contain misleading information on the said topics, so it is better to rely on book knowledge.
  • Integrated Reasoning segment – It tests your skills on quant and verbal hence these are very important areas to study. You should learn how to read properly and how to use the XY scatterplots and sortable tables commonly included in exams.

Having successfully understood the test materials, you can take an EA practice exam to gauge your preparedness for the main test. Remember, do not take too much time on the difficult questions, but also look at the simple ones. Try to remember as much as possible material from these self-tests and take them at a convenient time, not hours before the main test, to avoid fatiguing your brain.

Why should I take the EA test?

The EA has advantages over every other MBA program qualification test. These advantages make it a better option compared to the other tests available for the business school. Some of the few reasons why you should consider taking the EA test are:

It rates your business school readiness by testing some life skills acquired during your work experience years. This prepares you to take bigger and better roles in your career in the future.

It not only values book knowledge but also real-world experiences brought to the program.

It is an inclusive and convenient test offered both online and in test centers. This is an excellent idea that gives a candidate an option to choose what works for them hence confidence when sitting for the test.

It is very flexible. This is because the test takes a maximum of 90 minutes, and you only require as little as 24 hours to prepare for your test, depending on your level of understanding. This is suitable for busy working professionals who do not have time for rigorous revision sessions. It also allows you to reschedule and retake your exam 24 hours after your last test. It does not charge a rescheduling fee; hence failure to attain the passing mark is not something to be ashamed of.

However, you can only retake the exams twice.

It enables you to sharpen your skills before the commencement of your program by engaging your mind on the skills acquired in the working field and the exams.

Here is all you need to know about the Executive Assessment test and why you should consider taking it as opposed to the other test. For more information and learning materials, visit the MBA and GMAT websites.

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