All You Need to Know about GARP: The FRM Certification Organization

All You Need to Know about GARP: The FRM Certification Organization

The FRM certification is offered internationally by the Global Association of Risk Professionals (GARP). GARP is a non-profit organization and the leading globally recognized membership association for risk managers aiming to develop the risk profession. Its mission is to be the leading professional association for risk managers, dedicated to advancing the risk profession through education, research, and promoting best practices globally.

When was GARP founded?

The organization was founded in 1996 by two risk managers, Marc Lore and Lev Borodovsky, who set up the formal organization to benefit other risk professionals. Their weekly meetings at a New York pub with colleagues were their inspiration. The organization gained popularity quickly and, in six months, had 250 members from over 23 countries. GARP grew globally when regional directors established local chapters that offer financial risk programs to local members.

The Financial risk manager certification (FRM) was introduced a year later in 1997, and one could earn the certificate by passing the exam and paying the fee. This certification has become the gold standard of risk professionals, and risk management has become integrated into business operations.

According to their GARP LinkedIn page, they have over 150,000 members from 195 countries, with more than 50,000 having earned the FRM certification so far. A Board of Trustees currently runs the organization. Bradford Hu, the Chief Risk Officer at CitiGroup, is the current chairperson, together with twenty-eight chapter directors that represent twenty chapters from more than twelve countries globally. Global representation allows professionals to interact with and learn from each other.

What are the benefits of becoming a GARP member?

GARP helps its members grow in their careers by providing them with professional resources, services, and learning through networking and learning opportunities.

GARP members enjoy access to premium content such as industry surveys, whitepapers, and webcasts. They contribute to research within the industry and access information on risk intelligence. Members have access to the member directory and can easily find and contact other certified professionals from all over the globe.

Members are granted admittance to local, national, and global events in the industry. Additional perks of membership include discounts on GARP products, exclusive offers from GARP partners, and an invitation to their annual risk convention.

How do I become a GARP member?

You can become a GARP member through three membership subscriptions. Affiliate membership is free and ideal for students or individuals who work with risk professionals. The individual member has an annual fee of USD 195 and designed for practicing professionals who want to stay informed and grow their career. Certified FRMS membership is USD 150 annually. However, you do not need to be a member of GARP to attain and maintain their professional certification.

GARP and education programs

GARP aim is to help risk professionals make better-informed risk decisions by educating them at all their careers. It offers research and promotes best practices in the industry. GARP sets global gold standards in professional certification in financial risk management (FRM) and energy risk professionals (ERP).

The GARP benchmarking initiative (GBI) analyses the processes used in developing and implementing bank risk systems, critical in increasing globalization and market interconnections. The GARP risk institute provides unbiased leadership and research, uncovers industry trends and challenges. The institute offers this information through publishing articles and reports in the fields of financial and environmental risk.

How do I attain an FRM certification from GARP?

You can enroll and register for the FRM part I exam by visiting the GARP website. You do not need prior education or work experience to qualify for the program

To attain your FRM certification, you should enroll in the course and pass both part I and part II of the FRM exam. You should pass part II by the end of the fourth year after completing part I of the FRM exam. You should also submit evidence of two years of full-time work experience in financial risk management after completing part II.

You will pay a one-time enrollment fee of USD 400 on your initial registration. The early exam registration fee is USD 550, and the standard exam registration fee is US 750. The registration fees, however, do not include study materials. 

The exam windows for FRM part I beginning 2021 are in May, July, and November. Part II exam widows are in May and December. You may take exams for both on the same day, but you will only be graded for part II if you pass part I.

Relevant work experience is where you are in a role where you are involved in the identification, measurement, monitoring, or management of risk. Experience up to ten years before sitting for FRM exams is acceptable.

You should submit your work experience within five years after completion of the course. If you fail to submit it within the given timeframe, you will need to re-enroll in the program, pay all the fees and retake both FRM part exams.

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