Key Study Techniques To Help You Pass CFA Exams

Putting in the 300 hours of study prep is not a guarantee of passing your CFA exams on the first attempt. The Study techniques and study materials you use will play a significant part in your success or failure. It is, therefore, advisable that you employ the tried and tested study methods and also to use the best study notes to pass this tough exam.

Vital Tips That Will Help You Pass Your CFA Exams

1. Create a Study Timetable

A proven study technique that has been approved by famous scholars is the establishment of a sound plan on how to study. A timetable will help you allocate each subject and topic the necessary time during the course of your preparation. Essentially, when drafting the study schedule, you should allocate more time to the units that are more challenging to grasp. When you stick to your timetable, you will have little to cover by the time the CFA exams arrive.

2-Month Study Plan

2. Get the Right Study Materials, Past Exams, and Practice Questions

Do a thorough research on what books, prep books and videos, study guides, and online tutorials that can serve you with the required knowledge. The right study materials will help you to stand a good chance of passing the examination. The most recent past mock exams will help you to test yourself on how you have understood the study materials. It can’t be overemphasized how vital it is to use the best and conventional study materials as well as doing mock exams – get those two things right and your chances of passing CFA exams will be greatly enhanced.

How should you use a question bank?

3. Get into Study Groups

Besides your personal efforts, you need to seek company by engaging in discussions with your mates. Study groups will help you to learn more about the topics that have been a challenge to grasp on your own. Different people understand different subjects uniquely. Each team member will have something unique to teach the rest. This way, you create a win-win situation for all of you.

CFA Candidates on Linkedin

CFA Candidates on Facebook

4. Revise the Material Several weeks Before the Exam

The power of revision cannot be ignored, especially when preparing for CFA exams. Amongst the many Study techniques that you can employ, revision is the most essential. Constant review of all that you have studied will help you grasp the major points in every topic. You can try an online revision at AnalystPrep for this platform enables you to revise with the aid of tutors right from your computer or mobile devices.

Revision with mock exams

5. Get Help

When preparing for CFA exams, you will find some areas and topics that you can barely handle on yourself. At such instances, you should seek help from teacher or tutors who understand them better than you do. AnalystPrep is an ideal website that you should register with them for any help while preparing for you CFA exams.

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For you to pass you CFA exams, you need to dedicate yourself while embracing proven and tested study techniques. At AnalystPrep, you can get the study and revision support you need from the comfort of your home or offices. With their resources, you will not only have access to valuable study and practice materials but also find it enjoyable as you strive to earn the CFA charter.


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