Final FRM® Exam Preparation tips

Final FRM® Exam Preparation tips

It is essential to have a final preparation study plan for the last weeks before you sit for your exam. Ensure that you take time off work if possible to wrap up your preparations.

The following tips will help you with your final FRM exam preparation.

1. Take at least one mock exam

Practice exams and mocks help you get a feel of the real exam, including time limits. Taking practice questions will help you practice how to apply your skills and correctly answer the exam questions. In addition, you will identify areas of weakness or knowledge gaps and make the necessary improvements.

It is essential to be familiar with the terms used in tests to answer questions, take sample questions, and mock exams to help you understand these terms. Mock tests simulate the actual exam conditions, which will help you manage time effectively during the test and give you confidence.

2. Debrief your questions and answers

Using sample questions to practice is a great way to prepare for your exam. However, you should spend some time to debrief these questions and answers, not just taking a quiz, marking it, and moving on to the next set of questions.

You should go through your answers and ensure that those you got right were correct for the right reasons, not just because your guess was spot-on. Examine those questions that you got wrong and revisit the corresponding curriculum. This way, you will be able to identify knowledge gaps and improve on them. Find more calculations on the same topic or search for the explanation in your study notes.

Debriefing will help you identify how to derive correct answers and help you successfully answer similar questions in the future.

You can enroll for FRM study packages at and access our up-to-date question bank with over 4,000 sample questions. Our mock exam simulates exam conditions to help you prepare for and pass your exam on the first try.

3. Identify your exam center

It is a good idea to familiarize yourself with your exam center before exam day. Ensure that you know its exact location, how long you will take to get there, and parking available. Being familiar with your test center will help you get there on time and avoid confusion on exam day.

4. Relax the night before the exam

Last-minute cramming and anxiety can cause you to panic during the exam. A good night’s sleep will ensure that you are well-rested and can concentrate during the exam. Additionally, you are more likely to make more mistakes when you are not well-rested.

If you were unable to get in a good night’s rest, do not panic. You can still do your best and pass your exam.

5. Be adequately prepared on the exam day

It would be best to show up at least thirty minutes early for your exam. You might not be allowed to take the exam if you arrive late, and you will not get an exam fee refund or transfer.

GARP requires you to show a valid identification document such as a passport when registering or sitting for your exam. You are only allowed a few items in the exam room, so you should leave other personal belongings in your car. You are likely to be given a storage locker to keep your things. Some of the prohibited items from use in the test room include communication and electronic devices such as mobile phones and handheld computers.

You are allowed to bring a printed confirmation, approved identification document, and calculator. You might undergo a check through a metal detector wand, asked to empty your pockets to ensure you do not have any personal belongings. Ensure to follow the exam regulations and rules to avoid being disqualified.

Additional tips for studying for your FRM exams

Set up a study routine as soon as possible

Setting up a study routine and adhering to it will help you attain an in-depth understanding and mastery of the content.

Develop a study strategy to ensure that you maximize the time you have in each session. You can start by reading or listening to lectures and understanding the information, then learn to apply the knowledge through practicing with examinations.

Identify the core areas of study

The FRM curriculum includes key topics and concepts that you need to master. During your study sessions, paying attention to these areas increases your chances of success.

Ensure that you know how to use the features on your calculator and are comfortable with it.

The FRM exam is highly quantitative, and the mathematical difficulty is the same as that of an advanced undergraduate or introductory graduate-level finance course. You will need to be comfortable using the calculator to answer the calculation problems efficiently and quickly.

GARP allows candidates to use various calculator versions such as Texas Instruments BA 11plus and BA 11 Plus Professional, Hewlett Packard versus including Hewlett Packard 10B 11, 10B 11 Plus, 20B, 12C, 12C Platinum and Anniversary edition. You will be allowed to use any of these calculators during the exam, so you must be comfortable using them.

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