Custom GMAT® Study Plan: How to Create One

Custom GMAT® Study Plan: How to Create One

It is essential to have an exam study plan to make the most use of your time and resources. Most people buy books or enroll in prep classes without prior planning. However, it is better to analyze your strengths and weaknesses, set a goal, and create a plan to achieve that goal. If you want to attain a high score, it’s essential to have a custom GMAT® study plan. Take the time to assess and plan before starting your studies. Planning will help you be more efficient and improve your chances of getting a higher score.

Strategic preparation for your GMAT exam requires you to develop an objective and work towards achieving it. Consequently, you should personalize your study plan to study efficiently.

I. Determine your target score

Your target score is your study objective based on the MBA programs you are targeting to join. Set a GMAT target score close to 50% of the scores for the top five business schools you are applying to. This target score will give you a clear goal to build your study plan.

A goal-oriented study plan will help you study efficiently and effectively. Your GMAT score is just one of your business school application requirements, and you also need time to write your essays and fill out your application.

II. Take a practice test to understand how close you are to your target score

You should take a GMAT practice test before starting your exam prep. The practice test results will help you identify your strengths and weaknesses. Then, you can allocate more time and effort to understand these types of questions or concepts.

Secondly, taking a practice test will tell you how close you are to your determined target score. For example, if your target score is 710 and your practice score is 650, the duration and intensity of your studies will be different than if you attain a practice score of 450.

III. Take into consideration our learning style, personal preferences, and level of self-motivation

There is no single best way to study for the GMAT exam. For a custom GMAT® study plan, you should consider how you like to study and which learning method best fits your college experience.

You can choose to buy books and other exam prep materials and self-study, enroll in an online or in-person class, use a self-paced app, or hire a private tutor. Your level of self-motivation will also help you determine the method that works best. For example, if you are highly motivated, disciplined, and can stick to a study schedule, you could self-study. On the other hand, if you learn better using discussions and in-person teaching, you can enroll in a class.

IV. Work with a custom GMAT study plan

The GMAT curriculum is specific, and you need to follow it whether you are self-studying, using a self-paced app, or enrolled in a class. However, you should create a customized prep plan based on your score goal, practice test results, and preferred study method. In addition, you should be strategic and dedicate more time to your weak areas.

V. Use timed practice tests

The GMAT exam has a time restriction, and taking timed practice tests during your studies will help you assess and track your progress and get comfortable while performing under pressure. In addition, the tests will help you review your problem areas and learn from them.

Before beginning your studies, you should take a timed practice test to understand your baseline. Then take several more practice tests to assess your progress as you continue with your studies. Additionally, taking timed practice tests that simulate the exam will help you deal with the pressure.

VI. Follow deliberate practice principles

One of the best forms of practice to apply in your GMAT studies is deliberate practice, and it includes;

  • Focusing intently for 30 minutes at a time without any distractions such as TV, messages, calls
  • Work slowly and methodically by breaking down big concepts into small pieces that are easy to understand.
  • Choose practice questions that progressively challenge you to stretch your abilities. Ensure that you understand the basic concept of any problem you get wrong before moving on.
  • Review and assess your missed problems immediately and identify your mistakes. Do not do a practice test and keep it to review a few days later. Focus on understanding why you made a mistake and learn from it.

The GMAT exam is challenging, and you should adequately prepare for it. The exam tests your critical thinking skills, English grammar, mental math capabilities, and your ability to perform under pressure. The following study tips will help you with your exam prep;

1. Develop your custom GMAT® study plan early enough

MBA programs have varied application deadlines, and you need to get your GMAT scores in time to beat the earliest deadline. In addition, your application includes other components such as essays, resumes, and letters of recommendation, and you do not want to rush to get everything in order at the last minute.

2. Take note of the GMAT exam sections

If you plan to sit for the GMAT exam, it is best to know the test sections before developing a study plan. The test has four sections; analytical Writing Assessment (AWA), Integrated Reasoning (IR), Quantitative Reasoning, and Verbal Reasoning.

3. Ensure good time management

Time management is essential when preparing for your GMAT exam because you have limited time. There is a penalty for leaving questions unanswered, and you cannot go back to a previous question. Therefore, do not spend too much time on one question, and if you get stumped, make a strategic guess.

Your GMAT test scores directly impact your graduate school application, and you should adequately prepare to get a high score. Choose the best test prep for you from and avoid a low GMAT score.

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