Modvigil belongs to the class of drugs known as analeptic drugs and is one of the best top generic Modafinil products. The drug is produced by the Indian pharmaceutical manufacturer known as HAB PHARMA. The drug Modvigil also contains the same ingredients as Modafinil, but it is available much cheaper than most other drugs of the same class.


The medication pretty effectively improves your focus and you realize that you have enhanced cognition and can stay awake for 10 to 12 hours without any problem. The medication is powerful enough to make you get rid of your excess sleepiness or narcolepsy, obstructive sleep apnea, shift sleep disorder, ADD/ADHD, and depression. Patients who suffer from short-term memory can improve it speedily with the right dose of medication as prescribed by their doctor.

The drug has a direct effect on two important neurotransmitters called histamine and dopamine and it works by enhancing them both. The extra dopamine makes you remain positive while histamine makes you extremely alert. The drug has few side effects and even if these are experienced it is not severe or risky.

Benefits of Modvigil

The most important benefit that you get by taking the prescribed medicine Modvigil it gives you to reverse your extreme sleepiness. You will find that within a few days you are waking for 10 to 12 hours during the daytime to be at your desk or your workplace. Your cognitive abilities are improved and you get more work done than you did earlier.

You will find that your concentration is so good that you can get more done within a short time and therefore it becomes pretty easy for you to achieve your targets. In short, you can easily accomplish your goals and achieve further satisfaction with tasks well done.

While taking Modvigil medication for extreme sleepiness you will also notice that you are more energetic and less tired throughout the day and some people even have experienced weight loss. It is the prime reason why young people, students, and office goers take this medicine regularly after consulting with their doctor.

The most common side effects of Modvigil are headaches and anxiety. However, these are mild and some people experience agitation, dry mouth or throat, and nausea. In some cases, people have dizziness and show nervousness although these are rare and can be cured easily.

If you find any of the above side effects or sudden health problems you must at once consult with your doctor.

Dosages of the medication

Modvigil is taken as per the direction of your doctor as it directly influences the neurotransmitters in the brain. The happy feeling is good so long as it makes you carry out the daily task with ease. It is seen that too much of this drug may cause you to get addicted.

Your doctor will ask you to take Modvigil for a few weeks and no more although he may extend it if the symptoms return. However, the drug is prescribed for a week or two and then stopped. After a while, the doctor would again ask you to take the medication with a two-week break. There will be no issue if you follow the guidelines of the doctor.

It takes Modvigil about half an hour or one hour to show results and in some cases, it may take a little longer. When it starts to work you will be aware of your sudden surge in interest and focus. It is also known as an appetite suppressant and helps you not to divert your mind away from tasks unnecessarily. You wouldn’t feel like getting up from your task to take meals or drink.